Research of Love and Information: Themes

Whilst reading the script of ‘Love and Information,’ I have been able to identify the themes of the play. Some of the themes may seem little, such as politics to communication. The first theme I am going to talk about, is that of love.



A lot of the play is to do with relationships, not only between lovers but between family and friends. It is about the way we express that love. It is trying to show love not only in the traditional way of marriage and reproducing, but showing how we protect the ones we care for. It also goes in the other way, in sense of some people may go out of their way to damage that person so they won’t be with anybody else.


This play is morally based on the way information is passed and received and how people react to that information. It can be done from face to face interaction to over social media. Also, it shows how people with learning difficulties or mental illness interact with others.


One of the minor themes in the performance is terrorism. It is stating that to get what the terrorists want is to induce terror into people’s lives. However during the scene that this is indicated in, the person in question states that this is not the message that she wants to give. The scene which contains terrorism begins by attempting to explain the reasoning behind terrorism, and the way in which people can use acts of terrorism, as a way of trying to get across a message of oppression that will not be tolerated further. Contained within this scene is also a subtle reminder that just because a person agrees with the idea behind terrorism. This does not necessarily mean that they would commit terrorist acts themselves.



Secret is a moderate theme that runs consistently throughout a number of scenes. An example of this is in Mother, as the secret there is the sisters are actually mother and daughter. A secret creates a bond between a number of people that cannot be broken until an act of betrayal is done: unearthing that secret.


In the scenes of grass and fired, deceit is used as a premise for the scene as you don’t see the deceit, however it is implied. For example in grass, the deceit is that one partner has gone behind there lover’s back and being deceitful by reporting his friend to the police. But in fired, it is where the manager has fired the employee without their knowledge. Deceit is:

the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth


Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. We see this in a number of scenes, one in particular is remote, where a teacher is running away with a student and the teacher gets agitated by the fact the student has no signal on her phone, no radio signal etc.




Violence has two meanings but leading to the same conclusion. The first being, behaviour that is involving physical force that is intended to hurt, damage or kill something/someone. The second meaning is strength of emotion that could lead to destructive natural force.

We see this in dinner, as the female partner forgets about a dinner date that is set up for the couple. This leads to the male being forceful on the woman and physically and emotionally harming her.


An illness is a disease or a period of sickness that involves the body or mind. We see different illnesses in a number of scenes. One of the scenes that stick out to me is recluse. The character clearly suffers from a mental illness which, to a point, the character can tell. It affects the character’s ability to interact with the human race and to think rationally. Also, during the scene, we see the other side to the characters brain that is being rather rational. However they both come together in the end to show how they deal with what they believe are difficult situations.

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