Love and Information: Analysis

Analysing a Script
Scene Character Direction Setting Mood Props
1 Secret Whispers Mental Institution? Pleading; Commited; Dedicated
Census Mental Institution? Paranoid; Repent; Unworthy
Fan Devotion; Love; Lust; Obsession
Torture Police Station Depression; Bribe; Desperation
Lab Science Lab; Breeding Farm Intellegent Conversation;
Sleep Bed Depression; Insomniac; Reasoning
Remote x2 Bedsit Confrontation; Happiness; Reasoning
2 Irrational Maths/Science Classroom Confrontation; Irrationality
Affair x2 Coffee Shop Scared; Dedication; Commitment
Mother x2 Living Room Abusive; Life Changing; Scared
Fired x2 Business Office Anger; Frustration
Message x2 Councilling Office Lost; Suicidal; Terror; Scared
Grass x2 Field Anger; Scarred; Resentfulness; Defending
Terminal x2 Doctors Office Scared; Thankful; Informative; Emotional
3 Schizophrenic In a car Paranoid; Unreasonable; Informative; Secretive
Spies x2 Pub Angry; Informative; Paranoid
Dream x2 Sat in Garden Adultry; Guilt; Lust
Recluse x3 Two Inside – One Outside; Go outside Living Room Scared; Aggitated
God’s Voice Confession Religious; Defending; Confrontational
The Child Who Didn’t Know Fear One Person Tells A Story To Another Bed Brave; StoryTelling
Star Intellectual; Informative
4 Wedding Video Several People Living Room Happiness; Enjoyment; Curiosity; Jokingly;
Savant Councillers Room Mental Disability; Genious; Helpful
EX Cafe Happiness; Relisation; Contemptment; Remanising
Memory House Eldery Couple? Dementure; Sadness; Confusing
Dinner Three People; Sits; Plays Piano;
Jennifer Singing; Get up
Rehearsal Room Apprehension; Enjoyment; Passion
Flashback Bed Panic Attack; Hopeful; Helplessness;