Design Brief

For this section of the set portfolio/blog, I have taken it upon myself to create a design brief in order to complete and comply with what the directors want for the performances set.

After a number of meetings and two set presentations, the set was finalised and was ready to start build. The final design left us with three boxes, one clinical, one similar to a shack, and the final box with an optical illusion, all of different size. As I am designing the clinical, and similar to shack, I am not going to talk about the optical illusion box.

The shack like box is to be made out of panelling from disused pallets. The two entrances for this box is to be through a window and a human cat flap which will swing both forwards and back. It will be decorated with three scaffolding poles, foliage, polystyrene and tarpaulin for the window.

For the clinical box, it will have four flats on the back and two flats either side. These are to be at an angle so the audience have sight lines, so the they can see what is happening at all times. The flats are to have a base coat of white and then fully covered in white emulsion to give a clean feeling. There is to be a window where performers can enter and exit with the use of Lycra attached to the door. There is to be three large areas of the three remaining flats which are to be made out of Lycra with slits in. This is so the performers can put their limbs through the Lycra and also so they can put limbs in the material and make shapes.

Both of the sets are to be conjoined and blend into one and other when they meet.