Police Brutality Research

For this part of my lighting design, I’m going to be looking at police brutality, see any performances with it in and state what I have taken from them to inspire me with my design.


police-1Here we have South African State Theatre doing a piece on police brutality. I feel this image suits the riot scene, and has the same colour scheme as what me and the director discussed. As you can see, there is minimal general coverage. I like this idea as it shows the sinister side of the people who we feel keep us safe. It looks cruel and distressing, as you can barely see their features which I feel is a huge enhancement to the atmosphere of the piece.

police-2Here we have the same production but at a different stage and angle. For me, the fogger creates the atmosphere as it can resemble smoke grenades. Although there is no strobe within this picture, the use of the open white luminaire gives me a sense of what the strobes would look like alongside the red leds.


police-3With this, I was looking at the different types of gobo’s there is for prison bars and the positioning to find where they could best be of use. I feel that this one is possibly too big for the performance which was going to take place, however, it would be possible to make it smaller if I was going to use one this size.



police-4Personally, I feel that this gobo looks medieval and this is not the era we are going for. The bars are too small and looks as though only one half is in focus, although this could be due to the designer or it could have just gone out of focus.


Police-5.jpgI originally had the idea of texturing a piece of the set with the gobo, but soon found out that was impossible, as the performer would probably be in dead space for that location. However, it could have looked effective with half his face showing so people can clearly see that he is a criminal.


Looking at the gobo on the floor looks more effective in my opinion. The performer can stand in the centre and act as though he is pulling on the bars. I think that the texture on the floor and colouring creates a sense of harmony as they all fit in well with each other. I shall take parts of this idea and endeavor to confidently create my own piece around the image provided.

police 6.jpg


Here, I have researched the use of colour against followspots. As you can see they clearly complement each other in a way that doesn’t wash out the other colour. The only issue I have with this piece is that the followspot is too defined. Personally I would have it diffused as it looks too harsh on the performers and the shadows it is giving.

police 7.jpg

(Blue led with followspot on stage, no date)

Here is another followspot against colour. I generally do not like this at I feel that they clash with each other. Again the spot is too harsh although I like the fact that shadows produced


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are not too vivid. The colour on the other hand hurts my eyes, and in a performance you would like the audience to enjoy the production rather than straining their eyes.